Abigail BoboComment


Abigail BoboComment

2016 turned me inside out.

This was the best and the worst year of my life, all rolled into one. 

If you missed me over the last few months, I'm still here;
shooting commercial work, shooting weddings, chasing light;
hanging tight, finally settled and peaceful.
I had to pull a deep introvert to make it through 2016.
So this is my Christmas letter to you; a little summary of my year.

This year, I put down roots here in Nashville as I purchased my first home.
then I travelled across the country for shoots, testing to see how far I could go.

Some really rad clients started calling for commercial work-
I watched in delight as God made year-old seeds sprout. 

In addition, I shot 24 weddings, 8 engagement sessions and at least a dozen magazine pieces.
Always so honored to be a part of these stories that last forever.

I started teaching a couple of college classes at Nossi College of Art,
discovering a love for raising up people who love other people well through photography.

On a more personal note, there were more tears this year than I ever thought possible.
I grew so quickly spiritually; out of muck comes growth, it would seem. 
I trust God now more than ever; because I've had to step out in faith so many times.
And He has always caught me.

In the middle of deep wrenching pain, I said hello to deep personal growth.
I confronted old wounds and was finally honest with myself about the past.
I dropped the denial.

In the middle of it all, I lost some family. I lost several friends.
Well meaning people said and did hurtful things out of their own pain.
But the Lord never let me down.

2016 was amazing. It was good. It was bad. and sometimes it was really ugly.
But through the gentle grace of God, I finally started becoming the person that I was made to be.
The peace, love and joy of His Spirit have flooded my soul. 

This sentence is what really sums up this year;

I finally heard, because God opened my ears.