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2017 in Review

Abigail BoboComment
2017 in Review


It zipped by quicker than quick, days falling off like pearls from a broken necklace.
I let it all go this year, and completely went for it all.
It was also the year that I got my poetry back, if you can't tell.

This was the year that I
decided what I wanted to be when I grew up
chose to be the person that I am
turned twenty-five
finally learned to let my heart lead sometimes
still kept my head on my shoulders
let the Spirit lead.

Practically, I
on-boarded some uniquely fitted commercial clients
photographed fifteen wedding celebrations
did all the home repairs (furnace, ac coil, dishwasher, painted the deck, removed a holly tree, gutted two bathrooms and retiled them in that order, gah what's left!)
replaced my camera body, an iphone and a computer in that order (gah what's left!)
said hello to two new roommates
put about 30,000 miles on my Cooper
shot about 300 rolls of film
finally started shooting video
(yes, I caved, people.)

Quick Note- 
this is a great opportunity to say that I've transitioned my weddings business
over to destinations, elopements and smaller celebrations...
I'm getting back to the candids that tell bigger stories
and taking my weekends back so that I give all my clients the best of me.
Visit the new site here!

It was 100% the year of travel.
I travelled to New Mexico,
North Carolina, Mississippi, Dallas and Kansas City.
I also drove all over the Southeast for editorial work.
I reconnected with my love for the rhythm of the open road.
I remembered that travel makes me come alive.

I also drove to Helena, Arkansas seven times
photographing the residents of a small river town
and telling a better story about the people that God loves through portraits.
In August, Thrive Helena hosted a gallery show of my work
and Bohan in Nashville also featured me as an artist.
I canned my fear of danger and my desire to self-protect
and went for love and connection instead-
it was totally worth it.

In a mad attempt to have a personal life again,
I stopped teaching college,
which freed me up to hire the world's best assistant
who is one of my former students.
(hiya, Kaitlin!)
This wonder of a woman
is the reason I have any sanity left

In August, I began Lipscomb University's Master of Divinity program,
aka a three-year, 72 credit, six semester seminary program.
It's an online program, which is the only way in creation that it can track with me.
If I can survive my first semester of Hebrew during autumn rush season,
I feel pretty great about the rest of the program, amirite?
It's been pretty wild, but I seem to be able to work on the program one day weekly.
Don't worry, clients, I'm still working full time, and yes, I'm still an artist, too.
Lipscomb has asked me to bridge their theology and art department
beginning next year, and this is how that all ties together.
I'm loving the way the readings are shaping
the way that I conceptualize my client work.

On the home front,
I started becoming more involved with my church, Ethos.
In addition to some staff-based ministry,
I have a group that meets in my home weekly
who are dedicated to going after connection with God
through hearing His voice.
It's been such a delight
to pour back into the community
that helped lift me through a dark season
and to see others grow.

I went after more of the Holy Spirit by
taking Shawn Bolz's e-course
attending The Belonging Co Conference
visiting IHOPKC and Upper Room
learning about how my gifts fit into community
pouring myself into the Word
(loving the Passion Translation, it makes me cry.)

I learned how to get help
(and to admit that I need help TBH)
and got some really kickass counseling
did some nutrition and lifestyle consults
and went to a lot of prayer ministry.

I lost a few friends this year because of massive life transitions
but I gained some new ones that are steadfast and true.
A few times a week, I get to have the community
that my heart has been craving.
People boldly call me out on my bs
ask me to do the same for them
laugh with me until we cry
drag me to their social events
and remind me of who I am.

You may be wondering if I had time to sit down at all this year.
I assure you, that I did.
It's the only way this year happened.
I learned that if I didn't, nothing worked.

My favorite parts of this year
were the times that I sat alone in the presence of the Lord
learned who He is through experience, not knowledge
and heard His thoughts about me
who He says that I am
and His plans for me
and what He's been dreaming over me
before day one.

And the joy came rushing in;
because, after all,
the name
does mean
Father's Joy.