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resting in pain.

Abigail BoboComment
resting in pain.

I'm not the most patient person. 

It was a joke in college... especially in darkroom classes. I tended to rush through my film developing, eyes on the prize- a finished exhibition! When making prints, I'd forget to fix them long enough and they would get funny pink streaks and need to be re-done. 

Anyone that knows me fairly well knows that I'm a goal-oriented overachiever. I get things done, taken care of and knocked out ASAP. 

So when some recent hurt surfaced, I was ready to knock it out. Run through the pain like an Olympic athlete with a fire baton.

Pain doesn't let you run.

It demands attention, processing and time.

It calls for attention, kindness and rest. 

Hurt makes you stop and really examine what's going on.

It says, "Hey, something's wrong. Let's fix it!"

It gently makes you stop and sit, feel everything.

And on the other side...

oh, the sweet joy.