Abigail Bobo

how I became a photographer

Abigail Bobo
how I became a photographer

A lot of folks ask how I got into photography... 
For starters, I did not carry around a Nikon that my dad bought me when I was 13.

Photography was not something that even crossed my mind for a long time...
I was a classical music student at Belmont during high school.
When I graduated, it was at a point where I could go to university to teach or learn to perform.
I didn't need a degree to perform;
and I didn't want to teach.

So I became a Marketing/Graphic Design major at a local private University with a nice scholarship, 
but I wasn't happy with the school. 
You know that feeling when something just doesn't seem quite right for you? 
That's how I felt- it was a nice school, but it wasn't for me.
So, I packed up and left. To give myself some time to think, 
I took three classes at a local college next semester: Typography, 2-D Design
and Basic Photography. 

The rest is history.


I detoured for two and a half years to finish my AA in photography at Nashville State. 
I transferred to Thomas Edison State College to complete my BA in Photography online through advanced independent studies.
I graduated on December 12th, 2014.
I would love to get my MFA in photography and dig even deeper into the art side of photography.

I became a people photographer because I found out that I really, really love talking to people. I love to laugh with them and draw out their stories. And I love to see their faces light up when they see beautiful photographs of themselves. Becoming a portrait photographer was like coming home.

In the end, I didn't find photography: photography found me.