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How to Make Turkish Coffee

Abigail BoboComment
How to Make Turkish Coffee

If you know me, you know I'm all about hot beverages, the stronger the better. If I'm not making Irish tea, I'm probably making bold coffee that makes black-coffee-drinkers gasp and ask for milk.

Making coffee in a Turkish ibrik was an interesting challenge to be sure... for starters, I wrecked my stovetop with boiled over coffee no less than two times. The third time, I finally got it right.

To make your own stand-up-slap-your-momma strong Turkish Coffee, follow the below instructions;

1) Measure out your coffee. I have a Haribo coffee scoop that fits just right in my hand. I found that a finely ground scoop was just the right amount for a 6 oz cup.

2) Fill with water and coffee at the same time. This was the ticket to avoiding a spillover on the stovetop... if you wait until the pot has boiled, adding the coffee later will create an eruption.

3) Set in the middle of the eye of your stove on medium heat.

4) Now this is the tricky part. When it's just about to boil over and froth up, snatch it up and off.  Phew. This is the step that is hardest to get a handle on, so to speak.

5) Let it go back down.

6) Place on the stovetop again and bring back to a boil!!!... and snatch it off. Phew.

7) Pour gingerly into a small mug. The lip of the pot is designed to catch most of the grounds if you pour slowly. It's a dense coffee, so let a few bits of the coffee slip into the cup... they will settle down to the bottom.

Enjoy with a sprinkle of cinnamon on the top.