Abigail Bobo

how to preserve hydrangeas

Abigail Bobo
how to preserve hydrangeas

As autumn days creep past with all their glorious golden hues,
we often feel a deep desire to preserve the delicate tones that accompany them.

My grandmother grows fluffy hydrangeas around her home;
through the late summer and into autumn they wave in the wind.
Below is her secret for keeping their beauty all through cold winter days;
enjoy this step by step guide.


What you'll need;
-small bottle of glycerin
-big Mason jar


Step one; clip the hydrangeas, using the ruler to measure a 10-12 inch stem. Cut at an angle.


Step two; tap down the tapered ends of the stem with a hammer to flatten.


Step three; add the glycerin to the Mason jar. Pour about 5 oz per large jar. 


Step four; strip off the excess leaves.


Step five; arrange the hydrangeas in your large Mason jar. The glycerin (a preservative) will be drawn up with the water and will preserve the flowers all through the petals.


Step 6; set the hydrangeas in a cool, dim room for a few weeks. When they are a golden color, slowly + carefully remove the stems from the jar and arrange in a pretty container.


Voila! Year round hydrangeas!
While I have not tried it myself, 
I would guess that cutting any flora at an angle
and placing it in glycerin water would provide a similar effect. 

Enjoy making a bit of autumn for yourself that lasts all the year.