Abigail BoboComment

I see you.

Abigail BoboComment
I see you.

Seeing people is my gift.

It's why I shoot so many different things. Commercial work, weddings, magazine stories, portraits. I see people. I love to see people.

This is why. Caveat: I'd never tell a person what to believe. But I'll tell you what I believe.

God sees us.

He never controls, never tells us who to be, never steps in where He's not wanted. 

But He sees. 

He weeps. He rejoices. He exults.

He sees.

And I like to think that as His daughter, I see people. 

It's why I love photographing you. 

I love the opportunity to be invited to see you.

Because I know what it is to be seen; 
honestly, no rose tinted glasses, no layers of perfection;
and loved unconditionally for who I am. 

And once you realize how you are seen,
you start seeing everyone that way.

I see you.