Abigail Bobo

in honor of the real

Abigail Bobo
in honor of the real

Photograph the world as it is. Nothing's more interesting than reality.
-Mary Ellen Mark


Here's to the real.
Funky facial expressions brought on by too much laughing.
Messy homes, windblown hair, serious faces.
Wrinkles on the brow from emotion.
Messy crying.

Here's to the real.
It's not perfect. 
It never will be perfect.
The editorial world deems the real to be
"not publishable."

"Why don't you edit that out?"
"You studied how to use Photoshop for a reason,
why don't you fix that?"
"Why didn't you light that more?"

Why not?
Because real is better than perfect.

I'll never style away a real moment.
They aren't perfect for a reason;
Imperfect moments are life.

In a world filled with filters, selfies, 
and narcissism, 
hiding the real in favor of perfection
is in vogue.

Imperfection is a breath of fresh air.
Imperfection is raw beauty.
Imperfection is real.

Here's to the real.