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Making a Live Wreath

Abigail BoboComment
Making a Live Wreath

Making this wreath was quite the experience... I'd been dying to make something simple and earthy, but had never tried my hand at actually putting one together. Unfortunately, there were no instructions to be found online! With some extra pieces left from the greenery experience, I put together this simple number for my office door.

Learn from my mistakes... a simple step-by step below!

You'll need wire cutters, green florist wire and greenery (and possibly a glass of wine.)

1) Lay out your hero branches.

Make the basic size and shape of your wreath on a large workspace. Choose branches with both thick stems and a natural curve. Make sure that the the cutting 'grows' in the same direction.

2) Start wiring.

Wire the ends of the branch together (thick to thin.) Wrap securely.

3) Add branches. Wire some more. And some more.

Once the base shape is in place, add smaller branches to the base shape and keep wrapping. Fill it in until there aren't any holes.

4) Wire more.

Seriously. When in doubt, wrap in twenty layers of wire.

5) Hang judiciously.

Wreaths have a natural hanging point where they won't sag. Figure out the balance point of your wreath and place accordingly.

Enjoy your beautiful new wreath!