Abigail Bobo

being comfortable in front of the camera

Abigail Bobo
being comfortable in front of the camera

Shoot days are really really scary for some people.
They trigger flashbacks to bad senior portraits
and times when you saw that Facebook photo
that was not-so-flattering.

When I was a student photographer,
I used to dread taking photos of people because I was terrified
of making them feel uncomfortable.
(I possibly was more nervous than the subjects...)

When I finally got beyond my nerves
(thank goodness!)
and dove head first into the world of people photography
I realized that there were some great strategies
for making subjects more comfortable.

And in fact, my sensitivity to how comfortable people felt
was a great asset.

There are three steps in fact,
to creating an environment
of radical comfort.


#1. Find a great environment.

'Where' is a great place to start.
Let's figure out what makes you feel the most comfortable.
What tells your story most accurately?
Is it being at home? Is it your favorite place? 
Is it a place that gives you a feeling-
a sense of wonder, memory, hope?

Is it an environment where you can do things with your hands?
Sip a drink, cook a meal, read a book, hike a trail, hug your pet?
We tend to feel more comfortable when we can do things.

Great surroundings = great feelings.

Which brings us to...


#2. Share your story.

If you've worked with me in the past
or even just had an email exchange
you know that I ask a bajillion questions.

Everything from your life story
to your hopes and fears.

You also know that I make time for clients;
to have lunch, coffee, phone calls, etc.
and to plan out every single step.

It's my job to learn everything I can about you,
so that I can accurately portray who you are
with the ease of an old friend.


#3 Wait for magic.

The planning is done.

The clothing is chosen,
the environment found,
the story expressed.

The shoot is about real moments.
It’s about great memories.

And those take time.

I love slow shoots.
When we have time to play,
find the light, settle into the location,
slow down and breathe,
that's when we find the moment.

Let's explore, find a new place
or visit an old one.

When the foundation is laid,
we can sit back and wait for magic.

We’ve got this.