Abigail BoboComment

makings of a great moment

Abigail BoboComment
makings of a great moment

Sometimes great moments slap you in the face and you are lucky just to capture them. And sometimes, it takes a little coaxing to make diamond moments possible. 

Here's my recipe;

1) honesty

We all hide beneath a veneer of some sort. Wholehearted living is hard to come by; the world is risky and our armor is strong. But when we drop the shield, honesty comes forth. We live freely, dancing on the edge.

Grace makes honesty possible. Grace says, "I accept you for who you are, as you are, as a fellow human, for no other reason than than that you are my kin." With grace beaming on someone, honesty is possible.

And don't forget, honesty is a two-way street.

2) repose

There must be a mental unravelling for great moments. Repose is when that tiny place in between your eyes relaxes and you hang your head back smiling, thinking, "I'm here now."

Space creates repose. Setting aside the rush and making time for slowness is key. There's a lot of science on this, but in essence, when we rest our brains make different chemicals and we feel happier.

If you must be on a schedule, don't forget to build extra time in for repose.

3) spontaneity

When we create a grace-filled space with honesty and repose, spontaneity bubbles up to the surface. Here you'll find great ideas, creativity and belly laughter. It could even get a little crazy.

Don't squash spontaneous moments with doubt. Just try them on for size; see if they fit you. 

Once you have the right components in place, sit back and just see. Wait and find out what appears; I think you'll be awfully happy with what comes along.