further up and further in.

daring greatly.

daring to go further.

I jumped off a plane in San Jose five weeks ago with my friend and assistant, Erin for a weekend wedding shoot in Big Sur, CA. We were tired, peckish, hungry and jetlagged from our 4:30 am wakeup call and subsequent flight. Into the rental car.

And every mile we went, our spirits were more refreshed. 

We saw rolling hills covered in scrubby tans and greens that stretched for miles.

A roadside farmer's market beckoned with peaches and strawberries. 

An ancient mission sat on a hill, the resting place of faithful pioneers. 

Oh, could it be real?

We drove further in. I said, "Erin, I think we're either in the Promised Land or Narnia."

Further up and further in.

to be continued next week.