Abigail BoboComment


Abigail BoboComment

Batching jobs has been the best thing I've ever learned to do in business.

The way I batch is great... I only do tasks when I feel like them. And I do one kind of task and get into a rhythm and get so. much more done.

I sit down and write ten blog posts in one go. 

I pick out a week's worth of Instagram posts, to be filled out with a few spontaneous shots.

I email ten people I want to connect with.

I send all my weddings to editors for publishing. (This one goes here, and this one...)

I write ten notes to friends and fellow creatives in my community. 

Three editorial shoots get processed in one sitting. 

Two weddings get edited back to back. When one starts to feel overwhelming, I switch to the other one, then back to keep my eye fresh.

I do all my grading for my classes in one sitting... or if I'm teaching a new class at the college, I do all my lessons plans and quizzes for the semester in one power session.

This kind of super-focus on one type of task keeps me from bunny hopping all over the place... and it makes me feel super accomplished to get big chunks done.

Go forth and conquer!