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Top Five Hiking Trails in Nashville

Abigail BoboComment
Top Five Hiking Trails in Nashville

As we all fight holiday sluggishness, here are a few favorite places to go get outside and get down with nature in Nashville. (Model Kristin Pace.)

1) Radnor Lake

You'll see turkeys, deer, cranes and a whole host of other wildlife at this large nature preserve. With a paved walkway around the lake and ridgetop trails, you'll find plenty to explore.

2) Percy Warner Park

Percy Warner offers both tough hills, stairs and easy paved roads... a little something for everyone! It's easy to get lost, so check out a trail map before you go.

3) Sewanee 

If you're up for a bit of a drive, Sewanee has the most breathtaking trails. The rocky cliffs are treacherous, so it's definitely for the adventure-seeker.

4) Shelby Bottoms

A highly-accessible spot in town for many of us, Shelby Bottoms has all the best of nature just minutes from downtown. Pack a lunch and just enjoy a quick walk on your work break.

5) Natchez Trace Parkway

With breathtaking views from the top of a huge bridge and perfect foliage, the Natchez Trace Parkway has everything you could want in a quick hike. For those tired of walking, horseback riding is also available.