Abigail Bobo

letting other people in.

Abigail Bobo
letting other people in.

the year of letting other people in.

It started small.
Joy Thigpen's workshop in February.

I knew I needed help with styling my images
but found so much more;
an entire philosophy on how my brain works
and a deeper desire to value myself highly
for who I was.

Things got out of control after that week.

Ginny Au's one-day workshop on styling.
Personal brand and image consulting.
Portfolio reviews with Michael Howard, Michael Gomez.
Mentoring in growing the commercial side of my business.
Instagram training.
I signed up with an artist management company for some creative direction.
I even let go of my beloved logo and got Katherine from Script Merchant to design me a beautiful new one.
I spent time with other photographers, something I've never wanted to do before.

Every time I've let someone a little closer,
let someone truly help me,
something in my life expanded.

A lot of us have been burned pretty badly,
whether in business or in life. 
It's part of being around other humans;
and it is the worst part.

But that's no excuse for not continuing to expand.
You can't let what others have done to you
brand your entire outlook.

You deserve community,
great friends and honest help.

Go find it.