Abigail Bobo

what to wear to an engagement session

Abigail Bobo
what to wear to an engagement session

"What in the world do I wear to an engagement session?"

A lot of couples call me in a panic about a week out from their session,
with the sinking feeling that they definitely need a whole new wardrobe.

Slow down.

You really don't need anything that's not already in your closet.


I structure most of my engagement sessions like dates;
we scratch the poses and go make a memory.
So wear the clothing that makes you happy,
that makes you feel loved, confident and cozy.

Here are some practical tips for making that happen;

a) Wear clothing that is comfortable and feels like a second skin. 
If it's tight, uncomfortable, pinches your feet, has to be tugged at or makes you fidgety, that always comes out in photos.

b) Choose something that is a step up from what you'd normally wear to the location. 
For example, if you'd normally wear jeans + a tee to the flea market, wear jeans and a flowy button up shirt. 

c) Avoid being super matchy; don't all-out clash of course, but don't feel like you have to over-coordinate. 
Not super-matching makes your photographs look more 'real.'

d) When in doubt, veer classic; jeans, button ups, graceful skirts, cardigans, leather jackets, graphic tees, plaid button ups, either simple or super fancy shoes... you get the idea. Things that come back year after year will keep your photographs timeless. 

e) Clothing with movement always wins. 
That swishy skirt that you've been saving for the right moment... today is the day.

f) Flaunt something that you LOVE to wear. it comes out in the photos!

Also, keep in mind; the goal of engagement sessions (for me, anyway) 
is to create a really beautiful memory that you can enjoy looking at for many years. 
The more 'yourself' you look, the crisper your memories of the afternoon will be for you.

For your own relaxed "date" engagement session, 
send a note to me at abigail (at) abigailbobo.com

*bonus tip* text your photographer outfit photos. Trust me, we'd love nothing better than to help you plan! :)