Abigail Bobo

in the bag

Abigail Bobo
in the bag

What’s in my bag?

Good night. 
So many different combinations!

For starters, every shoot is a little different.
So after each shoot, things get cleaned, charged and sorted
back onto my modular shelving; this way, nothing’s lost.

Then, every time I go to a shoot, 
I grab my camera bag of choice
and pick which gear I want;
it’s like a camera library!

I also definitely couldn't make it without;
Grab the Gold Bars
Nisolo Oxfords
A ginormous water bottle
Evernote for schedules and shot lists.

To portrait/documentary sessions,
I travel lightly for adventure.


I’ll shoot with my Hasselblad square format camera
(sometimes I switch it up with a 35mm or my H2 Medium Format)
digital for backup (one lens, usually a 50mm 1.2)
Macro rings, handheld meter, batteries, 
cards, film, straps.
A mini styling kit
(more on this later.)


To weddings;
Everything comes.

On the double harness-
Hasselblad H2 Medium format film camera
Mark iii digital camera with
35mm lens for group shots
50mm lens for all the time
80mm + 135mm for ceremony
Macro rings

On my neck;
Square Hasselblad
Handheld Meter

In my pockets;
Shot list
Lens caps and darkslides

In the bag;
5D backup camera
Any spare lenses.
Shot film. Full cards.
Cards, cards and more cards.
Film, film and more film.
Manuals, battery chargers.

Lighting Kit
Two styling bags
(hold props + tools + emergency fixes)


To commercial jobs;

Macbook Pro 13” 
(for wireless tether)
Mark iii
35mm, 50mm, 80mm
Square Hasselblad
Rectangular Hasselblad
Cords, batteries, chargers
cards, film…
Handheld meter

Lighting Kit
Two styling bags
(hold props + tools + emergency fixes)


Notes on image backup;
the digital camera shoots to two cards in case one corrupts
the film is kept safe in ziplock bags and is shipped to my lab with tracking and insurance.
Shooting film + digital is the best backup for anyone, 
because you'll never be without images.

There's no small amount of gear
to carry, sort and care for;
but I love every piece because
they let me make beauty.