Abigail Bobo

why I shoot film

Abigail Bobo
why I shoot film

Sharing why I shoot film and digital both...

This is not a discussion on
how much film costs (it's expensive)
the tonal qualities of film (gosh it's pretty)
the technical aspects (beautiful dynamic range)
whether it's viable in a technological world (it is)
or if it's morally superior (umm... what?)

This is why I shoot film
and digital.

On the film front,
I nail way more genuine moments on film
than I do with digital.

At $2-$4 a shot,
it forces me to wait,
frame up the right image
and better predict when the moment will come.

There are rhythms to every moment,
like the wave and crest on an ocean wave.

During the quiet,
you position yourself.
A few laughs, a few smiles,
and you still wait.
That's not the moment.
wait for it...

When the wave breaks,
you snap the image.

Then I can't immediately gloat.
I quietly move on to the next then the next.
Move on to the next wave, then the next wave.

It keeps you present in the crest of the moment,
constantly searching for the next.

Like love, adventure and really good friendships,
it's risky.

On the digital side,
I believe you never throw all your eggs (pictures) in one basket;
I shoot three different film cameras and digital backup.
This is accomplished with a really fancy double camera harness.
I hand off cameras every 30 seconds or so.

Film + digital is killer for making sure that you'll have images from an important shoot/life event;
the digital camera shoots to two cards in case one corrupts
the film is kept safe in ziplock bags and is shipped to my lab with tracking and insurance.
Shooting film + digital is the best backup for anyone, 
because you'll never be without images;
you truly have two sets.

I shoot film because...
Film is